The fear of imperfect creative activity on paper.

‘Atelo‘ from Greek 'ateles' literally ‘without end’, meaning incomplete, inchoate, imperfect.⁠
‘Demiourgio‘ from Greek ‘demiourgia’ literally workmanship, handicraft, meaning creative activity.⁠
‘Papyro‘ from Middle English / from Old French 'papier' / from Latin 'papȳrus', papyrus plant, papyrus paper / from Greek 'papūros'.⁠
‘Phobia‘ from Greek: φόβος, phóbos, meaning “fear” or “morbid fear”.⁠

For the next time you're faced with a blank page/canvas, riddled with all-consuming, paralysing fear, you know what to call it. All we need to do now is learn how to pronounce Atelo... Atelodeeee... Atelo-thingy.⁠

PS. Don't judge my messy kitchen in the background... I'll deal with it as soon as I've mastered my Atelo-thingy!


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