Collection: Positive Affirmation Note Box

Because we are all so different, the soul food we crave is also unique. With our Positive Affirmation Note Box, you can write what you need to hear or write something really special for a loved one. This makes for a really thoughtful, personalised gift, perfect for anyone who loves positive quotes, relishes in uplifting daily inspiration or just needs to be reminded that they are loved!

These hand-made Positive Affirmation Note Boxes are crafted from upcycled oak wine barrel inserts (used to flavour and stabilise wine in barrels), including 15 blank, double-sided note cards (enough for every day of the month) with proudly South African designs, printed on crisp white, 240g paper.

Read more about these beautiful note boxes in this blog post.

This labour of love is a collaboration between myself and my husband, Alex, from The Modest Toolbox, who creates gorgeous hand-crafted gifts and home decor.