Cape town female wildlife artist Corinne Erasmus The Happy Struggling Artist


When I was a little girl, I was constantly drawing.  Ponies and pretty birds and doggies and cats.


Looking back, what surprises me is that I never even once dreamt of becoming an artist.  Not even when I was lost in childish imagination, removed from The Grown-up World that demands realistic career choices that offer the promise of a job that will pay the bills. I wanted to be a mermaid.  But never an artist...

The journey to becoming The Happy Struggling Artist has been anything but boring. A rollercoaster-road-that-never-ends, dotted with the constant struggle to find balance. Balance between work and home (because let's face it -- it's hard to distance yourself from work when your work space and home space are one and the same place!). Balance between focusing on deadlines and long-term growth. Balance between finding the time to do it yourself and the money to outsource an aspect of your business. Balance between stability and chasing a dream. Balance between what makes you happy and turning that into something that puts bread on the table.

The Happy Struggling Artist celebrates the diverse beauty and uniqueness of South African wildlife.


Corinne was born in Kimberley, South Africa. The daughter of two biologists, she was raised with a deep love of South African wildlife. She now lives in beautiful Cape Town and works as a full-time artist.