Cape town female wildlife artist Corinne Erasmus The Happy Struggling Artist


When I was a little girl, I was constantly drawing.  Ponies and pretty birds and doggies and cats.


Looking back, what surprises me is that I never even once dreamt of becoming an artist.  Not even when I was lost in childish imagination, removed from The Grown-up World that demands realistic career choices that offer the promise of a job that will pay the bills. I wanted to be a mermaid.  But never an artist...

The journey towards becoming The Happy Struggling Artist has been anything but boring. A rollercoaster-road-that-never-ends, dotted with the struggle towards balance; the struggle towards fulfillment; the struggle towards the Unknown. But most of all, the struggle towards HAPPINESS.

Corinne was born in Kimberley, South Africa. The daughter of two biologists, she was raised with a deep love of South African wildlife. She now lives in beautiful Cape Town and works as a full-time artist.