Beautiful wall art that doesn't break the bank

Beautiful wall art that doesn't break the bank

There is no denying that my Downloadable Wall Art Range looks really good in sets. Thankfully, this doesn't have to break the bank, as art so often tends to do!

In fact, the very reason why I created this range, was to make these gorgeous, uniquely South African beauties accessible to Regular Joe (and Josephine!).

Not only can you purchase a set of three beautiful, downloadable A4 illustration for only R180, the fact that they are digital, means no expensive shipping and no waiting period. Receive your order as a digital download straight to your device, and simply print at a pro shop or at home!

Choose between a set of indigenous SA flowers, garden birds or insects. And if you fancy three from different sets, send me a Whatsapp -- I'll gladly put together a custom set for you (one day, I'll figure out how to make this possible right from my store too!).

downloadable wall art birds by the happy struggling artist

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