Black Friday with a twist: Let's save the African Penguin!

Black Friday with a twist: Let's save the African Penguin!

Here are two things that you need to know about me:

1) I don't believe in what Black Friday represents, and
2) I have no scruples about shamelessly using it to achieve something that I do believe in.

I won't rant about how I think that Black Friday encourages mindless spending in an already consumer-driven world. Nor will I point out how shoppers' unrealistic expectations of massive discounts have a detrimental effect on small businesses that cannot compete with Goliath, mass-producing superstores. I'll also bite my tongue before I complain that discounts create the impression that products are overpriced to begin with, thereby damaging the perceived value of beautifully hand-crafted, artisanal goods.

Okay, okay, I’ve had my sneaky little rant even though I said I wouldn’t… Let me elaborate on the second point:

I believe that there is great potential in using Black Friday as a global platform to do good — to give back to the community and to Mother Earth in a joint effort between businesses and buyers. All that is needed is a change of focus. Focus on the bigger picture. On the WHY behind your business, instead of just the money in the bank. 

If we can only come a revered realisation of the potential power of social trends, such as Black Friday… We live in a monkey-see-monkey-do world (she says respectfully, as she eats her banana). If we focus on the right thing, the one-upmanship of Black Friday could actually lead to some serious change! Apart from generating much needed funds for worthy non-profits, the awareness created could be absolutely invaluable! While some of us are simply oblivious of the challenges faced in our own communities, many, many people would love to help, but just don’t know where to start.

So there you have it. My heart all laid out on my black sleeve… Because it is November, and with that comes Black Friday.

Perhaps a third thing that you should know about me:

3) I believe that good is always valuable, no matter how small.

And with that, I am proud to kick off my annual GIVING BACK IS THE NEW BLACK SALE!

Just like last year, I will offer shoppers a 10% discount on every purchase made in my online shop during November. Alongside this, I vow to donate a further 10% of each sale to a worthy non-profit (the same goes for all sales made at the Kirstenbosch Craft & Food Market on Sunday, 27 November!).

This year, I will be supporting the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB). At the moment, this amazing team is taking care of hundreds of abandoned African Penguin eggs and chicks. The aim is to hand-rear these cuties and eventually release them back into the wild, making a massive difference to this endangered species.

Your discount will be automatically applied at checkout - happy shopping!!!

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