Celebrating my 5th birthday, Ukrainian style!

Celebrating my 5th birthday, Ukrainian style!

Life is life-ing hard these days... There are so many bad things happening in the world right now. So much tragedy and grief. In between dealing with it all, it is so important to celebrate the small victories and blessings. Like my small business surviving five years! Five years of blood, sweat and tears. Turmoil and happiness. Wins and setbacks. It all ads up to an incredible journey!⁠

This year, I celebrated a little differently: My biz's birthday happened to coincide with Ukraine's Easter this past weekend. My wonderful husband, Alex, baked me a very special, traditional Ukrainian cake-like-bread that he grew up with, called 'paska'. I cannot tell you how delicious it is!⁠

To share the birthday love, 10% of my sales this month will be donated to the Gift of the Givers, specifically to aid in their efforts in war-torn Ukraine. For those of you that have supported so far - thank you!⁠

And if you read this far -- did you grow up with birthday candles that you can't blow out?!?! What a mess they make! But it does take me right back in time to my childhood... Feeling happy and nostalgic and elated and exhausted all at once.⁠

No matter where you are in the world, what you're going through, my wish for you is to take a moment to revel in the small moments of light and love in your life. Like birthday candles that you can't blow out...⁠

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