Colour me happy: Biking Bokkie & Sea Cow Jumped Over the Moon

the happy struggling artist colouring pages for adults

For a long time, I've had the idea in the back of my mind to create downloadable colouring pages... Something whimsical and proudly South African that will inspire both adults and kids to get the creative juices flowing!

With the unexpected and brutally harsh arrival of Covid 19, this idea was forced to front-of-mind. I decided to create a range of colouring pages with the tongue-in-cheek concept of "only in South Africa", while remaining true to my core focus on SA wildlife.

And so, Biking Bokkie was born... Only in South Africa, you can see a "bokkie" (an antelope, and also a term of endearment for a pretty girl!) cycling casually through the countryside.

biking bokkie colouring page for adults

Sea Cow Jumped Over the Moon soon followed. Do you remember the nursery rhyme by Mother Goose? Only in South Africa, does a Sea Cow ("Seekoei", Afrikaans for hippopotamus, directly translates to Sea Cow!) jump over the moon.

sea cow jumped over the moon colouring page for adults

I hope to soon have more colouring pages in my online shop to choose from, all celebrating this extraordinarily colourful country!

See my downloadable colouring pages in my online shop here:

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