COMING SOON: Wildlife calendar 2024

COMING SOON: Wildlife calendar 2024

I've been hinting at an exciting new project with the theme of "The Little Guy" for a few months now. But enough with the secrecy already!!!

I’m very excited to announce that I will produce my first ever annual wildlife calendar for 2024, with “The Little Guy” as theme!


Apart from boasting some of my photo-realistic wildlife art, the calendar will be unique in its eco-friendliness: This calendar will not end up being thrown out at the end of the year (or gathering dust along with piles of previous years’ that are just too pretty to throw out!). Each page will have the potential to be easily “upcycled” and reused as a stunning greeting card and gift tags. Ooh-la-la!!!

Please help me to create the best calendar I possible can, by answering a few questions about what you look for in a calendar (it only take a couple of minutes - promise!).

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