"Dash!" in time lapse

"Dash!" in time lapse

Prepare yourself…

Dash! is about to dash across your screen from humble start to mesmerising finish in just a couple of minutes!

As always, I urge you to remember that time lapse makes an original, super-realistic watercolour piece like this look deceptively quick and easy. This delightfully dynamic African Swamphen took more than three weeks to complete. It required a lot of liquid courage to get done. Tea, I’m referring to tea!

Without further ado, enjoy the magic of Dash! in timelapse:

Reference photo shared with permission by award-wining wildlife photographer, Albert Froneman.

See Dash! in my online store!

This funky chicken is now available in my online shop! The bespoke original watercolour piece is still pining for its forever home, and I also have only 20 limited edition, fine art prints available.

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