Dear Woman: A letter to to everyone

Dear Woman: A letter to to everyone

Dear Woman,

May you celebrate your unique beauty. May you rise and grow and bloom, while encouraging your sisters to the same. For there is already too much ugly in the world to give in to petty arguments, jealousy and competition. Instead, cast your nurturing glow upon the women around you - loved-ones and strangers alike - and show them what it is to be a strong, kind, patient, loving, vulnerable, brave, generous, fierce, beautiful WOMAN.

A woman that celebrates the victories of others.
A woman that cries with the world.
A woman that shares her good fortune.
A woman that knows the power of her own voice.
A woman that looks ahead and up.
A woman that does not belittle and judge.
A woman that fights for what’s right.

A woman that girls will endeavour to become.


August is Women's Month: A time to remember the great strides that our ancestors made to ensure better equality for women. When we speak of "history", we often assume that it refers to things that happened thousands of years ago. Shockingly, many of the really momentous changes that impacted women's rights only happened in the last century...!

This is also a time to look at our present and future -- the road to gender equality (and all equality, for that matter!) is still long and riddled with challenges. Our own bias is certainly one of them. How we see ourselves and treat each other is invaluable. It is sad that as women, we still waste energy by casting judgement over members our own gender, instead of offering support, understanding and respect. Life is too short for cat fights... And acting small belittles the brave and selfless women that fought and are fighting for our equal rights.

If you've read this far, here's my challenge to you (no matter what your gender): Uplift. Empower. Act with kindness and empathy. And through this, we will certainly grow. Progress. Bloom.

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