Even (fake) Redwoods need a break

Even (fake) Redwoods need a break

It’s time for The Happy Struggling Artist to take a much-needed break (before the Struggling starts to outweigh the Happy)! I’ll be out of the studio and away from my online shop from Monday 24 June until 10 July. Any orders placed during this time will be put on back-order and will be fulfilled once I’m back.

I tend to really beat myself up about needing to take time off… I’m just swamped with guilt! Especially since it sometimes means that my one-woman-operation kind of grinds to a halt. It was during one of these pre-break, me-as-my-own-punching-bag-sessions, when a dear friend told me about a really interesting scientific study:

Researchers in California once wondered what would happen if redwood trees skipped their rest periods to grow continuously. These towering giants are among the oldest and tallest trees on Earth, living for thousands of years. However, their growth and survival are deeply connected to their natural rest cycles, influenced by seasonal changes and environmental conditions. So, when the scientists forced the trees to skip their natural rest cycles, instead of growing faster, the trees died! They just couldn't maintain their health without a time of dormancy…

As it turns out, this study (that really did the rounds on social media some time ago) is totally made up. Yup, not a shred of truth to it…! But let’s not write off the very powerful metaphor, just because it’s based on a lie. Haha! What this super fake study about the redwoods highlights, is the importance of taking breaks, even for those who seem invincible. Just like these trees, we all need time to rest and recharge. So, I’m taking a leaf out of the (imagined) redwoods’ book and allowing myself some time off to come back even stronger.

Thank you for your understanding and patience. I look forward to getting back to creating and fulfilling your orders with renewed energy and inspiration!

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