Find me in White River!

Find me in White River!

I'm beyond excited to share that a whole collection of my products are now on display at the stunning Reflections of Africa Art Gallery in White River (close to the Kruger National Park).

The gallery owner, Coleen Williams, contacted me recently to become an exhibitor. She caught me completely off guard! In fact, reacting to the strange number flashing on my phone, I answered with what I refer to as my "Telkom voice": The cold, impatient tone that immediately gets the message across that I am not interested in buying what you are selling.

After Coleen introduced herself, I was left completely flabbergasted... A pregnant pause ensued, whereafter I fell over my words, trying to make up for my aforementioned "Telkom voice"!

Coleen happens to be an exceptionally talented artist. Apart from her own work, the gallery hosts a wonderful collection from local artists. I will be in very, very good company!

So which of my products can you find in the gallery? My South African Animal Alphabet (both individual letters and A2 poster), a large collection of fine art wildlife prints, SA flower and bird Greeting Cards, our Positive Affirmation Note Box as well as three of our hand-crafted Wooden Animal Masks.

I hope to visit the gallery in person very soon (definitely combined with a sneaky camping trip to the Kruger!). And hoping some of my loyal followers might make it there before I do (send me photos!!!)...

reflections of africa art gallery white river

Get in touch if you would like to stock some of my unique, proudly South African art, gifts and collectibles!

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