Find me on TikTok!

Find me on TikTok!

I have finally given in and joined the ever-growing masses on the Tok. Yes ok, so the lingo may still evade me (and most of the technology too!), but it has already opened up a fun world yet unexplored…!

Find me on TikTok here!

What I enjoy about it thus far (no one on TikTok uses the word “thus”, do they? I’ll work on it…) is the honesty. Well, at least more honesty than other social media platforms, where the perfect-avocado-sandwich-surrounded-by-peachy-coloured-hues-served-on-the-silver-platter-that-is-my-perfect-little-life has always reigned supreme…

If there is one thing that I do well, it’s honesty. So prepare yourself for some good ol' wacky honesty. See you on the Tok!

PS. If you’re not quite ready yet to take the leap to Tokking, don’t worry — I’ll still be sharing on Instagram and Facebook too. And don’t forget my awesome time lapse art process videos on YouTube!

And of course, see my work in my online shop!

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