Giving back to the owls this Black November

Giving back to the owls this Black November

I'm very passionate about creating a culture of "giving back" in my business. Every November, I support a non-profit that works with animals by offering my customers 10% off in my online shop (because it's Black Friday; YES, the sale is on right now!) and donating a further 10% to a worthy cause. This year, I'm giving back to the incredible Owl Orphanage in Velddrif.

The Owl Orphanage is a rehabilitation centre for birds of prey and Blue Cranes (although they rescue a wide variety of other wildlife too!) located on the West Coast. The amazing team look after injured, poisoned and orphaned birds until they are ready to be released back into the wild. As a registered non-profit, they are completely reliant on donations to keep doing their wonderful work.

Help me to give back this Black November! The sale ends on 30 November at midnight (SAST). I'll be sure to share how much we raised together, both here and on my socials.

To support to The Owl Orphanage, visit their website and be sure to follow them on Facebook.

owl orphanage in velddrif rescue centre for birds of prey

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