Introducing the Twin Personalised Animal Alphabet Poster

Introducing the Twin Personalised Animal Alphabet Poster

A dear client contacted me recently with the news that a very close friend of hers is expecting twins. As a big fan of my South African Animal Alphabet, she was hoping to gift them a personalised poster. But what letter to use? "T is for twins"? We decided to mull it over for a while...

As with many of my creative ideas, I woke up one morning with the answer (thank you, Subconscious!): My alphabet posters need to be more inclusive. And so, the Twin Personalised Animal Alphabet Poster was born. Not only a perfect gift for double-trouble-siblings, but also for families that have two kids, but not necessarily the space (or budget!) for two posters.

Any triplets out there in need of a personalised gift??? ;)

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