Just this one thing: A motto for trying times

Just this one thing: A motto for trying times

Over the past few weeks, hubby Alex and I have been overwhelmed with kind, warm thoughts, words and prayers from all around the world. People from all walks of life (some that have no connection to the Ukraine other than a feeling of deep compassion!), are carrying this burden of war with us.

Many say the same thing: They don't know how to cope with this harsh reality. They don't know how to function "normally", when things are so twisted, cruel and abnormal.⁠ We absolutely know the feeling... Our wheels have really come off these past few weeks, and we're struggling with even the simplest day-to-day tasks. A friend recently said she has so neglected her dirty dishes, that they are now growing new dirty dishes...! How can one do the dishes when there is a war on?!⁠

But the cruel truth is that we have to carry on, regardless. We have to stay strong - protecting our mental wellbeing; earning a living; looking forward and up - for our loved ones in Ukraine, for our fellow human beings.⁠ Easier said than done, of course...

So my new way to get through tasks, to get through each day, is this affirmation: JUST THIS ONE THING.

If I break down each little thing that I have to do, it seems less overwhelming. And yes - I purposefully chose the dung beetle design for this one...⁠

⁠Just this one thing, dear ones.⁠

 positive affirmation by the happy struggling artist

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