"Mother's Pride": Awesome time-lapse of watercolour lion family

Last month, I shared my shared my latest watercolour piece, featuring a family of cuddling lions. I asked my social media followers to suggest title ideas. There were some really fantastic ones, but my absolute favourite came from Sara: "Mother's Pride".

I love the double meaning -- not only is this lioness clearly proud of her cute cubs, but the collective noun for lions is of course a pride! Clever, right? Sara won three of my fabulous Downloadable Wall Art illustrations, and her kids helped to select this gorgeous mixed-and-matched trio from the SA flowers, birds and insects.

affordable downloadable wall art cape town

Now, I can finally share the awesome time-lapse video of the creation of "Mother's Pride". It's really worth watching: It took me three gruelling weeks to complete the painting (including a ridiculous fall that almost destroyed it), but I managed to edit (and re-edit and re-edit and re-edit) it to just under four minutes for your viewing pleasure!

review of photorealistic watercolour lion family timelapse video
"Mother's Pride" is now available in my online shop as stunning fine art prints (remember, these are not just prints - read all about their exceptional quality here). The one-of-a-kind original watercolour piece is also still available.

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Reference photo for "Mother's Pride": Yaron Schmid of YS Wildlife Photography

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