"Nosy" the Elephant Shrew in time lapse

"Nosy" the Elephant Shrew in time lapse

Always, always impressive to see the process of a watercolour artwork all sped up in time lapse!

It was a great pleasure to work on "Nosy", my little Eastern Rock Elephant Shrew/Sengi, even though it was a three-week-process and not just a half-a-minute-walk-in-the-park as the time lapse video suggests! ;)

I must admit that I was far less disciplined than usual with the filming this time around... Sometimes, the pressure to capture the behind-the-scenes action becomes so overwhelming and distracting that it's better to prioritise a the sanctity of the creative process above content creation!

All the same, I think it's interesting to witness, especially since my approach was a bit odd compared to my other work: I usually always start with the subject's eye(s) and/or face. With "Nosy", I jumped in at the daunting, rocky background first, leaving the shrew for last.

Enough chit-chat! Lights, camera, ACTION!!!


PS. The one-of-a-kind, watercolour original of "Nosy" is available in my online shop, along with only 20 limited edition, fine art prints.

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