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One year later: Sunflower lucky draw in aid of Ukraine

Exactly a year ago, I created this pen and watercolour sunflower in aid of Ukraine. The outbreak of the Russian war hit very close to home, since my husband, Alex, is Ukrainian. His family remain safe in their own homes, with their village certainly being one of the lucky ones…

It blows my mind that it has already been a year. As an outsider merely looking in, time has flown past. I’m sure the perception of time looks different when war wages on your doorstep; even crossing the threshold to obliterate your very way of life…

And yet… Just like the Ukrainian people, the sunflower - their National flower - radiates hope, strength and a vibrancy that cannot be extinguished.

In the hopes of raising funds for this beautiful and determined war-torn nation, I am proud to announce the biggest competition I have ever hosted:

For only R50, you will get a stunning Downloadable Wall Art sunflower delivered to your inbox (simply print at home or at a pro print shop) as well as one entry to the lucky draw to win the one-of-a-kind original pen and watercolour artwork, finished to perfection with a stunning frame, hand-crafted by hubby Alex using upcycled pallet wood. And of course, this gorgeous artwork will be delivered to your door ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. A prize worth over R2000!!!

YES - you can purchase multiple ‘raffle tickets’ to increase your chances of winning the lucky draw!
YES - please share this far and wide so that we can raise more funds!
YES - every single cent raised will be donated to The Gift of the Givers Foundation, an award-winning, proudly South African non-profit that is doing incredible, hands-on work in the Ukraine.

I hope to sell 100 sunflowers by the end of April, raising R5000 for relief efforts in Ukraine. Please share this post to help me reach this goal! Entries close at midnight on 30 April, and the winner will be notified via email on 1 May.

And don't forget to purchase your sunflower - your raffle ticket to the lucky draw - here:

sunflower for the ukraine by the happy struggling artist 001

sunflower for the ukraine by the happy struggling artist 003

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