Positive Affirmation Box: What do YOU need today?

Positive Affirmation Box: What do YOU need today?

Because we are all so different, the soul food we crave is also unique.

Quite some time ago, I asked my cousin what she wanted for her birthday. She gave me an interesting answer: "Perseverance". I immediately envisioned what would soon become our Positive Affirmation Box, writing for her a few of my favourite affirmations, encouraging perseverance. She loved it!

This wonderful little box is meticulously hand-crafted by my husband and business partner, Alex (The Modest Toolbox), using upcycled oak wine barrel inserts (used to flavour and stabilise wine in barrels ūüć∑). It holds 15 double-sided cards (enough for every day of the month), featuring three gorgeous designs (SA birds or SA flowers, lovingly created as part of my Downloadable Wall Art collection).¬†Write what you need to hear or write something special for a loved one.

Thanks to a big vote of confidence from our loved ones (we've gifted quite a few to friends and family, but have never really marketed them to the public!), our Positive Affirmation Box is finally available in my online shop for the first time.

As they are hand-made, we can only accept a limited amount of orders every month. Order early to avoid disappointment. First come, first served!

Questions? Just tap the Whatsapp icon in the bottom right-hand side of your screen, and let's chat! You can also find my email address here.


positive affirmation gift box

south african flowers on note cards

hand-made daily positive affirmation note box

details of hand made oak note box

south african birds on positive affirmation note cards

daily positive affirmations handmade note box

See our gorgeous Positive Affirmation note box and refill packs in store here:


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