Positive Affirmation for REST

Positive Affirmation for REST

I had a conversation with a total stranger recently that had an immense impact on me. She said that we take such good care of our cars - spending huge amounts of money on servicing them, replacing tyres, getting seat covers to protect the upholstery - and yet, we don’t do the same for ourselves.

As someone that diligently (yet begrudgingly) takes excellent care of my car and has a contrasting, ignore-it-until-it-goes-away-approach when it comes to my health, I found her observation relatable and startling!

One thing that never seems to be seen as a priority, is rest.

Somehow, we have twisted and maimed rest into something that should be earned. Something to feel guilty about. Something that lazy people do. Rest is no longer a necessity, like breathing or eating. It has fallen so far down our list of priorities that it is covered in a thick layer of dust, its only known companions, Self-Love and Healthy Boundaries…

Here’s my message to you all (and to myself!): Rest. Proactively book time for it in your calendar, and stick to it like it’s a meeting with a big-shot-VIP-boss-person. And when that booked time slot rolls around, use it to the absolute best of your ability. Rest with reckless abandon and unfaltering focus! There is nowhere else you need to be, nothing you need to do. This is all crucial, fundamental, life-altering REST we’re talking about!

You can move mountains at another time. And just think how much better you’ll be at it if you’ve had some rest!


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