Positive Affirmation of the month: Lean into the HAPPY

Positive Affirmation of the month: Lean into the HAPPY

Stop the guilt. Stop berating yourself for needing to take a moment to pause, rest, recharge. We are human beings, not human doings.

Stop brushing off compliments. Enjoy it! Own it! Why do strong, beautiful, smart people believe that everyone around them is strong, beautiful and smart, but that it is impossible that they themselves encapsulate these qualities too?

Stop stopping yourself from laughing out loud. You don’t sound ridiculous or ugly. You sound joyous!

Stop spending time with people that don’t lift you up. Life is too short to allow someone to rob you of your precious time, energy and happiness. If the relationship takes more than it gives, if you leave feeling smaller than you arrived, if you dread every encounter, it’s time to cut them loose.

Stop rushing into the next thing. Take a moment out of your busy life to celebrate your victories, no matter how small. Toast your successes and yourself. Reflect on the journey and the fact that you made it!

Stop reverting to a default of saying yes! Spend your time purposefully. Cut out that which doesn’t serve you, creating space for things that bring you joy. And make time for doing nothing without feeling guilty. It’s in the stillness that we find the answers.

Stop listening to the masses! What does success look like to YOU? Let that be what drives you, inspires you, makes you happy.

Stop waiting to be happy. Even if you feel like you’re not quite there yet, there is so much beauty in your life! Enjoy the journey. Revel in moments that already bring you joy. Actively seek them out. Nurture a habit of making them happen.

And then… lean into the happy.

lean into the happy positive affirmation

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