Positive thoughts for Super Dad

Positive thoughts for Super Dad

Let's face it: Finding gifts for men is often challenging. And we all know at least one man that seems to already have everything (including the traditional soap-on-a-rope...). Now, add to this conundrum the fact that you might not live close by, and won't see this dapper gent on his birthday, Father's Day or Christmas.

In the case of a lovely client of mine, she and her siblings are scattered all over the world - continents apart from their beloved father, Tim. Earlier this year, they had big plans to travel to South Africa, specially to celebrate his 70th birthday together. But alas, the world was still locked down...

Although their plans were dashed, they were adamant to make the best of a bad situation, and still spoil their dad on his special day.

My client first saw our Positive Affirmation Note Box in my newsletter (always be the first to know - sign up here!). Since Tim is an avid birder, she knew that the South African garden bird note cards would definitely appeal to him. To make an already thoughtful gift even more meaningful, Tim's partner and four kids all came up with three personal affirmations each. As he is an eager fisherman, the reverse of each of the 15 double-sided cards were reserved for fun fisherman quotes!

As a special favour, I hand-wrote all the affirmations, and since Tim happens to live just around the corner from me, I also hand-delivered his gift.

Even though his children couldn't be there, their presence was evident (a huge bouquet of balloons and a gorgeous cake had already been delivered!). It was truly fabulous to see his reaction to his gift, film it, and send it to his adoring kids.

Not only did it feel great to bring a family closer together on a very special occasion, but I was also pretty chuffed that our Positive Affirmation Note Box happens to be a really unique gift for the man who has everything!

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Our Positive Affirmation Note Box is hand-made from recycled oak, by my wonderful hubby and business partner, The Modest Toolbox.

A thoughtful, unique gift that uplifts, inspires and promotes mental wellbeing!

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