Ready for the blooper reel?

Ready for the blooper reel?

Before we jump into the madness that is this blooper reel, I thought I’d share the backstory explaining the very first clip:

When you have your calendar in hand, you may notice that yours looks a little different to the one I’m using in the tutorials (showing how to repurpose the calendar after use). That’s because I was using the first ever test print, and during the filming of the first tutorial - how to repurpose the wildlife artwork to create a greeting card - I realised that I had made a huge mistake in the placement of a little text snippet in the inside of the greeting card.

Not only was the text upside-down, it was also on the wrong side of the card — the exact space where someone would expect to write their note!

I was horrified! I had checked and rechecked and rechecked this calendar, but alas… We are but human!

The logical sequence of events should have been this:
1. Order a test print
2. Shoot tutorials while repurposing the test print, thus testing the test print
3. Make adjustments as needed
4. Send to print

But noooooo. No, no, no, no. I was so hung up on my insecurities and awkwardness in front of the camera, that I put off shooting the tutorials for sooo long, that my looming deadline meant I had no choice but to skip from step 1 straight down to step 4, while I mustered up the courage for step 2.

I had already sent the calendar off to print!!!

The video you’re about to see was my genuine reaction when I finally realised my mistake.

If you don’t speak Afrikaans, allow me to translate:

Gasp! It’s upside-down!”.

I don’t think I have to translate the “Ffffffff…” that follows...

After stopping the video (good timing!) I ran around like a headless chicken, looking for my phone to call my printers to stop the job. I finally remembered that I was just using it to shoot the tutorial (cuss-cuss). Grabbed it, and then proceeded to completely blank on my printers' name (cusssss). The same printers that I have been using for eight years… Just total, blank space where their name should be… Cue cold sweats and lots more foul language!

Anyway, to cut a dramatic story short — I did finally remember their name (shoutout to Comprint!), and thankfully, they hadn’t started the job yet. I was saved by the hair on my chinny chin-chin…

The moral of the story: That thing you’re putting off because of some silly insecurity? Just... jump! And then? Learn to laugh at yourself when you face-plant during the landing...! ;)

blooper reel by the happy struggling artist 01

Me in front of the camera, Alex behind the camera, all carefully supervised by Kitty. She's never too far away from the action! We even had to carry in a special Director's Chair for her, so that she wouldn't sit on my laptop!

blooper reel by the happy struggling artist 02

blooper reel by the happy struggling artist 03

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Dankie vir die saamlag, Jenny! It was indeed very, very weird shooting these videos…!


This was so weird. Ek het lekker gelag. Dankie.

Jenny Oosthuizen

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