Recovering from Kamers...

Recovering from Kamers...

After months and months of planning, preparing and an immense amount of hard work, the Kamers market at Blaauwklippen estate came and went in a flurry of overwhelm and excitement!

During our set-up a couple of days before the commencement of the market, it seemed totally unreal and perhaps even impossible that the event would actually take place... We were one of the first stalls to set up, and were greeting by a nearly empty tent, covered in dust and debris from a really hectic storm the night before. The staff that welcomed us, shared that they had quite the sleepless night, dreaming (nightmare-ing?) that they would arrive this morning to utter destruction - all the massive tents swept away in the night!

By the next morning, when I returned to site for registration, the place had transformed into a colourful wonderland of sensational sights and sounds: Stalls had popped up everywhere, kitted out not only with world-class, locally made products, but decorated and styled in a way that can only be expected from creatives of this skill. The effect was amazing! And terrifying........

I am not going to lie -- I went home and had a total meltdown. I felt completely out of my depth! Like an imposter that snuck in, unseen, through a dodgy back door. I did not belong here. I was a tiny, unsightly little fish in a very big, very beautiful pond...

After a Big Ugly Cry (capitalised, because it was so big and ugly, it deserves to be personified as a proper name), multiple cups of tea and pep talks from all My People (capitalised, because of how incredibly special they are to me), I felt better. This was just complete exhaustion, combined with good'ol Imposter Syndrome (aka 'Silly Sally Syndrome', because it's silly, Sally! YOU'VE GOT THIS!). If I thought about my feelings rationally and honestly, I could debunk them as untruths.

Tuesday morning: D-day.

I woke up feeling like a pigeon-toed three-year-old, on her way to dance in a Broadway performance of Cats. But I decided to put on my big girl tutu and go for the fake-it-til-you-make-it-approach.

Thankfully, as I got to meet my neighbours and fellow creatives one by one, my fears dissipated... These are kind, strong, real women who were willing to share their expertise and experiences with a rookie. In fact, some of them were fellow rookies, and were open and honest about their challenges and fears. I felt part of a community. Not a community of pigeon-toed toddlers, but a band of fiercely brave explorers. Ready to take on the world, but down-to-earth enough to admit that it's friggen scary!

Kamers was a fabulous marketing opportunity and my SA Animal Alphabet did me proud. But my neighbours were the absolute highlight for me.

I do not have the right words to properly thank Lienké from Greetings by Lienké (stunningly soft and sensitive watercolour art and stationery) Mariet from Noemnoem Jewellery (bespoke jewellery made for nature lovers); Gabriela Slegrova (underwater fine art photography that will just blow your mind); Jozelle McLea Studio (emotive and vibrant acrylic art); Nastasha from The Adorned (beautiful homeware, including sensational hand-illustrated skulls); Nell Louise from Mending Threads (embroidery artist and poet, sure to make you think twice about your relationship with body image); Lindy from Kiekie Kuns (gorgeous photography-inspired, functional fabric art).

Go check out these artisans and show them some love - they deserve it!

Thank you to everyone that stopped by! It was a wonderful experience, and I hope to get the opportunity to do it again and again. Hopefully with far less anxiety... ;)


kamers market the happy struggling artist 001

Yup - this was the chaos of our little cottage during the build-up to Kamers...

kamers market the happy struggling artist 002

Aah, Vita-thion, my old friend! I could not have handled the madness without you! Alex, super-hubby, I could not have handled the madness without you either!

kamers market the happy struggling artist 003

Now, the chaos has been moved into the bedrooms, as we prepare to build our stall inside the living room.

kamers market the happy struggling artist 004

And here we have it, folks! A room within a room!

kamers market the happy struggling artist 005

Finishing touches; even Kitty is lending a hand!

kamers market the happy struggling artist 006

Welcome to Kamers!!!

kamers market the happy struggling artist 007

What would I have done without this wonderful man?! Apart from building our stall, Alex also crafted hundreds of beautiful wooden frames for my alphabet. And he masterfully handled all my crazy. And trust me when I way that there was a loooot of crazy!

kamers market the happy struggling artist 008

kamers market the happy struggling artist 009

The calm before the storm...

kamers market the happy struggling artist 010

The storm...

kamers market the happy struggling artist 011

You can find my SA Animal Alphabet online!

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