Small but vital: Insect greeting cards

Remember my pen and watercolour insects? Originally created to join my ever popular range of Downloadable Wall Art, they are now also finally available in my online shop as gorgeous greeting cards. The perfect addition to a special gift for someone that loves nature!

As an avid supporter of the "little guy", this range of not-so-creepy-crawlies really lies close to my heart. It's so easy to get caught up in the grandeur of an elephant, rhino, lion... But the role that these insects play in maintaining the balance of their ecosystems is equally impressive.

Take the humble bumble honeybee, for example: It is estimated that a third of the food that we consume each day relies on pollination, mainly by bees! (Sustain)

The plight of the Flightless Dung Beetle is equally concerning as that of the impressive large mammals it lives amongst. These charming beetles only produce a single offspring per year! Already listed as 'vulnerable' on the IUCN red list, their numbers are still declining. (Sandra MacGregor, Atlas Obscura)

Dragonflies have been around for a long, long time - some 300 million years, in fact! As expert hunters, they do a lot to control the mosquito population (thank you, Dragonflies!!!). (Sarah Zielinski, Smithsonian Magazine)

They may be small, but insects play a huge roll in their ecosystems which in turn impacts our lives!

insect greeting cards by the happy struggling artist

honeybee greeting cards by the happy struggling artist

flightless dung beetle greeting card by the happy struggling artist

dragonfly greeting card by the happy struggling artist

See the full range of proudly South African wildlife greeting cards in my online shop:

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