watercolour chameleon painting in time lapse

"Suutjies Trap" in time lapse

If you’re Afrikaans speaking, you might immediately understand how wonderfully clever my chameleon’s title is, compliments of my brilliant mother.

In Afrikaans, a chameleon is a ‘verkleurmannetjie’, which loosely translates to ‘little colour man’. A lesser known, probably more old-fashioned term is a ‘trapsuutjie’. ‘Trap’ means to tread or step. ‘Suutjies’ means gently, lightly or on tip-toe. Therefore, the title “Suutjies Trap” translates to ‘tread lightly’. How apt for the delicate, tip-toe-ing Cape Dwarf Chameleon! And who doesn’t love a punny pun?!


In case you missed it, go read all about how the challenge of painting this chameleon literally made me run away!

You can see 'Suutjies Trap' in my online shop!


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