"Sweets for my Sweet"

"Sweets for my Sweet"

Every once in a while, I come across a photo that simply begs to be painted. This was definitely the case with the reference for my latest watercolour piece, Sweets for my Sweet, captured and shared with permission by the very talented Dionne Miles, a Cape Town based photographer.

If you have ever visited the Western Cape, chances are that you were lucky enough to witness the Cape Sugarbird in its natural environment. You would have experienced just how enigmatic these birds are, especially when royally posed on top of our unique national flower, the King Protea. Now, add to this already magnificent scene an impressively confident swish of the tail (can't you just hear him say, "this one's for you, babe"?!)............ What more could you possibly need to take your breath away?

Like I said - begged to be painted!

Sweets for my Sweet is the second photo-realistic piece that I painted during the lockdown (in case you missed it, here is my lockdown meerkat, Lookout). In all honesty, it kept me sane... Combined with an inordinate amount of tea, of course!

The original Sweets found its fantastic forever home, even before it was finished... BUT, I do have gorgeous limited edition (only 20 will ever be available world-wide!), fine art prints available in my online shop.

Without further ado, enjoy the progress of Sweets for my Sweet:


work in progress sweets for my sweet watercolour painting

work in progress watercolour painting sweets for my sweet

cape town artist the happy struggling artist watercolour art

work in progress watercolour painting sweets for my sweet

photo realistic watercolour bird art cape town artist

realistic watercolour bird art birds of south africa

birds of south africa fine art print cape sugarbird

work in progress watercolour sugar bird and protea cape town

photo realistic botanical watercolour art cape town

watercolour protea art cape town

sweets for my sweet watercolour painting sugarbird and protea cape town

watercolour protea sugar bird painting cape town artist

cape town watercolour wildlife artist the happy struggling artist

cape sugarbird protea watercolour painting

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