Thank you for helping the penguins!

Thank you for helping the penguins!

In an attempt to add meaning to my Black Friday sale (instead of just sticking to the trend of encouraging mindless spending…), I not only offered shoppers 10% off on everything in my online shop and at my stall at the Kirstenbosch Craft and Food Market during November, but also donated a further 10% to the fabulous Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (SANCCOB).

I am proud to announce that together we raised just over R800 for this worthy non-profit.

At the moment, the incredible team at SANCCOB are hand-rearing over 300 African Penguin chicks. Eventually, the penguins will be released back into the wild, making a massive impact on this endangered species’ numbers.

You can support the work being done by SANCCOB by ‘adopting’ a wild penguin chick: You can choose a chick in their care, sponsor its rehabilitation and even give it a name! Imagine how wonderful it would feel to know that that chick made it back to the wild where it belongs - happy and healthy - because of your help!

I feel very strongly about establishing a tradition of giving back in my business. And I feel even stronger about “every little bit helps”. I think we are so often put off from helping, because we are only able to give a little. And yet, lots of just-a-little-bits will eventually add up to A-LOT! If we all just do what we can, imagine the difference we could make…

Thank you to everyone that supported my small business - and in so doing a very worthy cause - this November. I’m very proud of our just-a-little-bit, and intend to keep the tradition going!

donation to sanccob for black november

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