The Happy Struggling Artist turns six!

The Happy Struggling Artist turns six!

Turning six is a big deal for a kid. It's definitely a milestone year - most kids start "big school", after all! Knowing this, the thought popped into my head -- what if I compared my business development to that of a six-year-old child?

With thanks to, I was able to make a comparison. The parallels are quite amusing...!


Although your 6-year-old loves to be independent, they still need your love and attention.

I don't know where I would be without the dedicated support from my family, friends and followers.. THANK YOU!!!

Your child can share, although they might find it hard to share favourite toys and other things.

This is actually spot on! At this stage in my business, I have to really start thinking about outsourcing or even appointing some kind of an assistant or intern. And let me tell you, it's really difficult to share!

Your child’s growing understanding of the world around them might lead to some fears. For example, children might be afraid of criticism, tests, failure, physical harm or threat, or supernatural things like ghosts.

With knowledge comes… the knowledge that there’s an infinite collection of knowledge yet to be acquired. More things that you don’t yet know; more trials and challenges; more internet trolls… And yes - ghosts!

Your child understands and usually enjoys jokes and riddles – jokes about poos and wees are particularly funny.

No parallel here… Just keeping you on your toes!

At this age children talk a lot, sometimes even when nobody is in the room.

This one can be interpreted in many ways. If you’re wondering if I talk to myself when no-one is in the room, then yes. Yes, I do. but we’re talking about my business now, not the crazy person that runs it.

For the pessimists out there, this can be interpreted as: Entrepreneurship is tough. Some days, it feels like all our efforts are being wasted on an empty room.

For the optimists: After years of hard work and development, my business is working for me, even when I’m not in the room.

I prefer the latter interpretation...

Your child is better at seeing other people’s points of view.

It took me a while to really live this ideal: If we were to constantly let other people’s opinions derail us, then we may as well just give up. Some people dislike or simply feel indifferent to my art (or even my person!). They are allowed to feel like that and it doesn’t mean that everyone agrees. It is not an attack on me as a person. Art just speaks to people in different ways, and that’s okay.

Even as children get older and start school, play is important.

This is my favourite! At the start of a new enterprise, we function very much in a let’s-just-play-around-with-it-mentality. We explore, investigate, create, push boundaries... As we grow into things, this magical and playful time is often set aside. Business is serious! We should be grown-ups! And yet, if we don’t take ourselves too seriously and loosen up a bit, it can lead not only to refreshingly inspired thinking, but also just to having more fun!


PS - Yes, that is me in the pic on the right, skipping my little heart out with the coolest teenager I know... Because we're never, ever too old to go a skippin'!


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