At the start of every year, I choose a 'word of the year' - a single-word-mantra that will guide my goals for the 365 days that lie ahead; an 'umbrella resolution', if you will, that I will attempt to live and breathe moving forwards. In comparison to the unnecessary pressures (and often disappointments) a long list of resolutions, I find that the word-of-the-year-concept is so much gentler and eventually easier to live up to.

In 2021, my word of the year was "Rise", consciously chosen to signify rising above the disheartening chaos of 2020 and making the best of opportunities that came my way. 2020 was the year of "No!". I really wanted to focus my attention on setting personal and professional boundaries, and standing up for the value of my work.

Now, I welcome 2022 with a new word of the year: Unleash.

I feel like I've been holding back for the last two years. Obviously the world's circumstances played a big roll here... But I've experienced a major mind-shift recently, and I'm simply done waiting.

This year, I'd like to unapologetically unleash my full potential. Unleash creativity, growth, daring. Allow myself to be fully confident, mindful and free. Free from the constraints that this world-wide pandemic has imposed upon us, but also free from the obstacles, boundaries and limitations that are absolutely self-inflicted.

I believe the latter to be the bigger challenge... When was the last time I really had control over the driver's seat of my own life?

Let me just say -- I am fully aware that 'control' is an illusion in many ways. Surely we can all admit to that, after trudging blindly through the hell fire of the past two years... Life throws us unexpected curveballs all the time, smashing our carefully constructed plans to smithereens, and that's okay! But we do have control over our reactions. And we certainly have control over the way we think of ourselves.

I'm so tired of self-limiting beliefs. I'm bored with feeling small and insignificant. I'm fed up with hearing nasty little voices in my head, telling me that my dreams are just figments of my colourful imagination; that I'm not good enough.

I'd like to unleash my badass strength, full mental capacity, honest compassion, true confidence, wholehearted kindness.

Wholehearted... That's such a good word. Another good idea for a word of the year! Or better yet, a reminder that whatever word you decide on, it should be lived wholeheartedly in the year ahead. Every thought, every word spoken, every reaction and decision should be driven by your special word.

Feeling overwhelmed? Someone not respecting your boundaries? Unsure about your abilities? Scared of change? Unexpected challenge? Feeling less-than?


unleash lioness running through water painting

About this artwork:

Splash! | Watercolour
Original SOLD, but I do have limited edition, fine art prints available.

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