What's not to love at the Spier Craft Art Market?!

What's not to love at the Spier Craft Art Market?!

Since early 2018, the Craft Art Market at Spier Wine Farm has been an integral part of my journey as an artist. Many of my products were developed for and initially launched at this wonderful platform. One only needs a few minutes at the market to understand why the place has the power to inspire!

Overlooking a dam, surrounded by lush lawns and trees, the natural beauty of this outdoor space is matched by none! Carefully curated and beautifully styled by Sue Heathcock Projects, the hand-crafted products are of the highest quality. It is also abundantly clear that Ingenuity is an all-encompassing theme at the market. “That’s so clever!”, is a statement often uttered by visitors.

Many of the artisans incorporate recycled materials in their work, creating unique, beautiful and functional fine art, collectibles and keepsakes using things that are widely considered trash. Trash that would otherwise only end up in our landfills and oceans…!

Above and beyond all this (as if you need yet another reason to love this market!), one distinctive experience really sets the market apart:

You have the opportunity to meet the makers! In fact, you can see many of them hard at work right there at the market (not a bad day at the “office”, if you ask me!). Not only does this validate the absolute authenticity of the products, but it creates an amazing, jovial atmosphere where visitors can interact and connect with the people that create the beautiful items that capture their imagination. A few of the crafters even offer a “making experience”, teaching visitors how to create a keepsake.

Apart from the must-visit market, Spier Wine Farm also offers an array of family-friendly activities, including wine tasting (juice for the kids!), Segway tours, walks and mountain biking, the fabulous Eagle Encounters Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre, fantastic birdwatching, a spa, restaurants, picnics, pizza……..

Really, what’s not to love?

PS. If you’d specifically like to run into me at the market, reach out to find out when I’ll be on duty! This is a shared space, and our awesome team rotates duty days.



Watch this for a sneak peek of some of my favourite products at Spier:


wooden animal masks at spier craft art market

wooden animal masks at spier craft art market 02

spier craft art market stellenbosch

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