February: A month for self-love and jumping in!

February: A month for self-love and jumping in!

February, huh? Perhaps you’re like our Kitty, still working off your vast and varied Christmas dinners. Maybe you’re like me, having a hard time getting back on track with things that were no-brainer tasks just last year. Like rustling up a good header image for your newsletter - something beautiful and inspiring! But you’ve run out of time and (especially!) headspace. So… you see your chunky cat stretched out next to your pretty carpet, and go, “Yup, that will have to do!”. You don’t even bother taking off your crummy socks. Just before you start berating yourself for not trying harder, you remember that the pair you had on yesterday had holes in them, exposing your big toe’s mutilated, half-dead nail (a story for another day), aptly nicknamed “Quasimo-toe”. You smile (grimace?) and give yourself a pat on the back:

I’m human, and I’m doing the best I can with what I have at my disposal today.

After all, ’tis the month of love! And self-love most definitely counts!

It also happens to be Leap Year. A time to take chances, risk, jump (aaah, I could have used my painting of a Cape Rock Thrush, called “Jump!”, as the header image...! But I’ve already written that entire opening paragraph - and edited it over and over - so I’m kind of committed to this madness now…)!

So — jumping in; taking risks in 2024:

After entering on a mere whim, I’ve just been accepted to showcase at Cape Town Decorex! If you’re not familiar with the brand, it is probably the biggest and most mind-blowing design event in the country, with the CT show drawing over 25 000 feet (many of whom are design industry professionals!) in just four days. Wowzer!!! We’ve applied for funding to cover the associated fees. But regardless of whether or not that pans out, we’re taking the leap (even if I have to sell a kidney to make it happen)! Please cross all your fingers and toes (but not if you have a  Quasimo-toe - ouch!)…

I’ll be sure to share more when we know more… While you wait, why not visit the fabulous Craft Art Market at Spier Wine Farm? Or do some DIY framing? Or paint a swamphen? Oh wait, that last one is just me. Unless you want to help?! ;)

Until next month!

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