The way back to your WHY

The way back to your WHY

Recently, I created the above custom-order for a dear client using my South African Animal Alphabet letters. Seeing as it was such an unusual request, I was curious to find out more about the meaning behind the requested artwork. We spent some time talking about finding your own personal "Why" in life...

Do you remember when you were little, and you went through your WHY-phase? We all had one. That magically annoying time when we questioned every single thing, every moment of every day. WHY? Because we were curious. Because we yearned for understanding. Because it felt good to ask.

I don't know WHY we outgrow this phase... Perhaps we grow tired of hearing, "Because I said so!", uttered by exhausted grown-ups, fed up with trying to explain WHY the sky is blue and WHY you can't tell people they are fat and WHY you shouldn't eat stuff that you discovered in the sand box.

Because I said so. Because that's just the way things are. Why ask WHY then?

As adults, we often trudge ahead on the road of the-way-things-are without pausing for a moment and taking stock of what's around us, how we got there and how we feel about it.

"This is the road I'm on, and that's just the way things are."

But... is merely accepting your circumstances as the-way-things-are enough? When was the last time you asked yourself WHY you do what you do/think/feel on a daily basis? WHY is this important? WHY do I worry about what other people think. WHY do I neglect that which I truly love. WHY should I feel guilty about taking time off. WHY have I never done xy and z that I've always wanted to. WHY does this make me feel negative? WHY do I allow myself to get so overwhelmed. WHY am I willing to settle for the-way-things-are?

When you manage to find the way back to your WHY, a whole new world of self-discovery reveals itself. Finally, you'll be able to step away from the path of the-way-things-are, and move deliberately towards the path of the-way-I-want-things-to-be.

Is it an easy road? Most certainly not.

Does the road ever end? Never.

Is it worth it to keep walking it? Absolutely. With a skip in your step and a song in your heart!

Finding your WHY leads to finding your true Self. I leads to growth and improved quality of life. It forces you to find purpose. It encourages healthy change. It allows you to weed out things in your life that no longer serve you. It leads to Happiness.

So... WHY not?

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