Introducing "Small Packages", the dynamite Pygmy Falcon

Introducing "Small Packages", the dynamite Pygmy Falcon

Last month, my loyal followers shared their creative ideas for a title for my new watercolour Pygmy Falcon painting.

Thank you to everyone that shared suggestions! There were some really good ones, and I had to call in my nearest and dearest to help me decide between them... But the vote was unanimous, and Heloise's charming suggestion was the firm favourite: Small Packages.

Very apt, since the Pygmy Falcon is the smallest raptor in Africa. And of course, a dynamite hunter! Thanks, Heloise! It's such a clever title!

I'm pleased to finally share the time lapse video of the creation of Small Packages with you. It's always amazing to see a painting develop like this -- weeks of blood, sweat and tears, compressed into a mere, dazzling minute! Enjoy!

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