I've been framed!

I've been framed!

Here's a little joke for you: Where is the line between art and not art?

Usually the frame.

Lame anecdotes aside, I believe that a frame can make or break an artwork. Of course, just as with art, personal taste in frames differ greatly. For example, I adore a rustic, earthy frame. It adds such warmth and charm!

Lucky for me, I have a live-in framer that feels the same way: My husband, Alex, who happens to be a wonderfully talented carpenter. The Modest Toolbox crafts all my frames from "upcycled" pallet wood. Together, we hand-pick wood that best compliments each individual artwork.

Take a look at this exquisite broad, rustic pallet wood frame for my original watercolour meerkat, entitled "Lookout". The natural colour of the wood picks up the warm tones of the artwork, and mimics the detailed pattern of the log that the meerkat is perched on, without overpowering it.

original watercolour meerkat painting by the happy struggling artist

Alex also recently built three stunning frames for my original set of watercolour and pen SA flowers. In contrast with the rustic nature of the meerkat's frame, these are sleek, modern and simple. And yet, the natural grain of the neatly finished pallet wood certainly adds a unique personality!

original set of watercolour and pen south african flowers the happy struggling artist

If you're interested in purchasing any of these originals, the frames are now included free of charge (unless they are not your thing, in which case I'll be happy to remove them from the frames!).

the modest toolbox cape town pallet wood framing

Fine art print of Necking I looking smashing in its beautifully bulky hand-crafted pallet wood frame.

custom animal alphabet baby names nursery decor

A set of Custom Alphabet Names with gorgeous white-washed pallet wood frames -- the perfect Christmas gift for two lucky little boys!

custom south african animal alphabet name and pallet wood frame

This framed Custom Alphabet Name was a very special birthday gift for an angel that turned one! How special is that?


fine art wildlife prints with pallet wood frames by the modest toolbox

Focus and The Sentinel, both fine art prints.

double barrel baby names personalised wall art

These sleek recycled pallet wood frames were such a fun solution for these double-barrel Custom Alphabet Names. The hyphen became a really cute design element that matches the frames.



If you're looking for a truly unique and charismatic frame - be it for one of my pieces or not - feel free to contact me. I'll get my personal framer on it! ;)

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