#MyHappyCrafts: Giraffe Bookmark

DIY personalized craft giraffe bookmark


If you haven't already read my blog post about what inspired me to launch the #MyHappyCraft tutorials, start here first. Don't worry, I'll wait for you........... Welcome back! Now that you hopefully feel inspired to nurture your own creativity, let's jump right in!


This giraffe bookmark is an easy, fun project for all ages and skillsets, and will definitely appeal to the avid readers in your household. It also makes a great personalised gift for loved-ones, and can even be used as wonderfully unique party favours for little friends at your child's next birthday party.


Here's what you need:

Stationary needed for giraffe bookmark craft project

  • Printed template (See Step 1)
  • Scissors
  • Your choice of colouring pencils, markers, paint...
  • One-hole punch
    (Don't have one? Not a problem! The more common two-hole punch or even the sharp end of your scissors will do the trick!)
  • Craft glue
  • Your choice of string, wool or even ribbon for the "limbs"- two pieces of 26cm each per bookmark



Download and print a bookmark template, preferably on a thickish card stock. There are three different options to choose from, depending on how much time you have, the ages and skillset of your kids, or what you're in the mood for (Remember - you can download any or all of the templates, and print them as many times as you like!). Each template has three bookmarks on one A4.


Option 1: Colour Me Happy


Option 1 free downloadable template for craft giraffe bookmark


With this option - the most popular - you can colour in the pattern of the giraffe. Print in black and white and follow the complete tutorial.

Option 2: Easy Peasy


Option 2 free downloadable template for craft giraffe bookmark


The simplest option. Here, the bookmarks are already "coloured in". Print in full colour and follow the tutorial from Step 4.


Option 3: Awesome Challenge


Option 3 free downloadable template for craft giraffe bookmark


This option allows the most creative liberty. The giraffes have the minimum amount of detail added, allowing you to create something really unique. Who says a giraffe can't have stars instead of splotches?! Print in black and white and follow the complete tutorial.


Download or print your template directly from here:

Option 1: Colour Me Happy

Option 2: Easy Peasy

Option 3: Awesome Challenge



Cut the bookmarks loose from each other.
Don't cut them out yet! This just makes it easier to colour-in in the next step...


Cut templates apart



It's now time to let your creativity flow... Colour-in and decorate your bookmark to your heart's desire! Add your name (or the person's that you're gifting it to!) to the front cover of the book.


Color in and decorate craft project giraffe bookmark



Once you are happy with your masterpiece, it's time to cut out your bookmark. Easy-does-it around the giraffes ears and nose!


Cut out your DIY giraffe bookmark

DIY giraffe bookmark is now cut out



Look carefully at your giraffe. There are four black X-es marked on the giraffe's body.


All the x-es on the giraffe bookmark


Use your one-hole-punch (OR one side of your two-hole punch OR the sharpest point of your trusty scissor - mind those fingers!) to punch/poke a hole in the middle of all four of the black X-es. Make sure the holes you made are large enough for your string/wool/ribbon to pass through - we're about to add limbs!


Use a hole punch for the x-es



Take the first piece of string and tie a knot at one end.


Use string to make arms and legs for your giraffe bookmark


Arms: Use the other end of the string to lace through the top set of holes and tie a knot at the end, like this:



Repeat the same process with the second string to create the legs using the bottom set of holes. You giraffe should now look something like this:


Your craft project is almost done



Carefully look at your giraffe's book. It has two white X-es on either side of the book. This is where we'll attach the giraffe's little knot-hands so that it will look like it's holding the book (Aaaaaw, right?!)!


Glue the hands onto these x-es


Add a little blob of glue to one knot-hand at a time, and paste it onto the middle of each white X respectively.


Glue goes onto the top x-es


Apply some pressure to the glued bits and allow it to dry.



You did it!!!

Show off your new bookmark (and maybe even some behind-the-scenes action!) by posting a pic on Instagram using #MyHappyCrafts. I would just LOVE to have a sneak peek!

Until next time... Happy crafting!



The Happy Struggling Artist


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DIY personalized giraffe bookmark gift idea

DIY personalized giraffe bookmark craft idea

DIY personalized giraffe bookmark kids craft project

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