Not just another calendar...

Not just another calendar...

If you haven’t already ordered my brand new wildlife calendar, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Lol - kidding! But not kidding - it is an amazing product that I’m super proud of!

Let me assure you - this is not just another calendar! This is a bespoke product that is not only beautiful, practical and thoughtfully designed, but also inclusive and kind to Mother Earth. I am deeply passionate about the environment - we should all strive for living more sustainably! This was the main driving force behind this calendar, and I’m proud to say that almost the entire calendar can be repurposed and reused as a variety of useful items.

Each month features one of my photo-realistic artworks (which of course can be repurposed into beautiful greeting cards!). The theme for the 2024 annual calendar is “The Little Guy”, and features 12 unsung, often unnoticed creatures of the South African animal kingdom! Equally as unique and important as the fabulous Big Five!

watercolour wildlife art by the happy struggling artist

I love the colourful mixed salad that is South Africa - our people are just as beautifully varied as our wildlife! I wanted this calendar to reflect and celebrate that too. I included a variety of observances that will speak to various major religions, not only practiced in South Africa, but also around the world.

And finally, I wanted this calendar to uplift and inspire its user! Our mental health is so important, and we often rank ourselves last on our list of priorities; we forget what’s important in life; we take our happiness for granted… This calendar is jam packed with inspirational quotes, positive affirmations and a very special monthly “reflection section” which will prompt you to do some introspection and hopefully grow.

unique wildlife calendar by the happy struggling artist 001

Like I said - not just another calendar!

Even the beautiful wooden binder/hanger is special: Hand-crafted by hubby, Alex (The Modest Toolbox), using upcycled wine barrel inserts (used to flavour and stabilise wine in barrels!), it too can be reused in handy ways. It is equipped with magnets at the reverse - great to display on the fridge - but can also be hung on a nail.

unique wildlife calendar by the happy struggling artist 002

This gorgeously unique calendar will be available in my online shop for a limited time only (because you'll need it to dance in the New Year!).

Order yours before the end of November to get 10% off (and I'll donate a further 10% to The Owl Orphanage - a registered NPO and rehab centre that does amazing work to protect birds of prey, Blue Cranes and a variety of other critters in distress!).


unique wildlife calendar by the happy struggling artist 003

unique wildlife calendar by the happy struggling artist 005

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Hope you’ll love it, Brian!!


Hi Corinne… Can’t wait to get my calendar which was ordered by my better half, Cecilia!
Keep well and carry on with the good work. 💝

Brian Culver

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