ON SALE: Wooden animal masks

ON SALE: Wooden animal masks

A couple of weeks ago, my husband Alex and I packed up all our stock at the Craft Art Market at Spier Wine Farm, as the seasonal market period has sadly come to an end. This year, more than ever, I felt terribly melancholic saying goodbye to my friends. There is no denying that we've all had to walk through fire just to earn a living since March 2020. And even worse, there is a dense fog of uncertainty still lying ahead of us...

Let's change the subject, shall we?

Well, our tiny little cottage is packed to the rafters with all the stock that has made its way back from the market. Most notably -- five gorgeously unique Wooden Animal Masks!

I am unreservedly proud of these amazing creations: A collaboration between myself and my husband, Alex, from The Modest Toolbox, (see his custom furniture and home decor on Facebook or Instagram), each mask is crafted from recycled pallet wood off-cuts and hand-painted. Since no piece of wood is exactly the same, and I never paint a piece the same way twice, each mask takes on a unique personality.

Usually made-to-order, you would have to wait quite a while before we are able to ship one of these babies out. But now, we have five of these masks in stock, looking for their forever homes. And since there is so little space in our home, I'd like to encourage them to fly the coop as soon as possible. SO -- for a limited time only, they are up for grabs at a whopping 20% off. This FLASH SALE is on from 23-31 August.

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Without further ado, it's my great pleasure to introduce you to the fantastic five:

 hand-made wooden elephant animal mask 3D sculpture

details of wooden elephant animal mask

giraffe masks made from recycled pallet wood

hand painted wooden giraffe mask

hand-made giraffe mask made from wood home decor

hand-crafted wooden lion masks luxury wall art

details of hand painted wooden lion mask

detail of hand made wooden lion mask from south africa

wooden animal mask home decor the happy struggling artist

Read more about how these masks are created in this blog post.

See them in store:


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