Pen and watercolour sunflower in aid of Ukraine

Looking back at what has kept me busy the past few months, I can see a definite trend: Very little art, and lots and lots of 'heart projects'. My theory is that I've been subconsciously trying to counteract some of the bad things that are happening in the world right now. And of course, I find it challenging to be creative while dealing with trauma. I think a lot of people will be able to relate to this (especially after living through the past two years).

Even the little art that I did manage to produce, was created in the hopes of making a difference: Straying from my usual exclusively South African subject matter, I just created a special sunflower in pen and watercolour. As you may well know, the sunflower is Ukraine's national flower. This beauty will be added to my Downloadable Wall Art range, with all the profits made in the foreseeable future donated to the Gift of the Givers Foundation, in aid of their relief efforts in the Ukraine.

Downloadable Wall Art is a really affordable, convenient way of decorating your home. Download and print at home or at a professional print shop. No shipping. No waiting period. Digital download straight to your device!

The sunflower is available in gorgeous full colour, or in stylish monochrome. Something special and happy to bring light and joy into your home, and all for a very good cause.

Interested in owning the original illustration? It's not listed on my website yet... Reach out if it speaks to you!

In the meantime, enjoy the work in progress of this beauty, or watch the time lapse progress video on my YouTube channel:

 the happy struggling artist work in progress

A daunting blank page...! It's GO time!

sunflower illustration for ukraine the happy struggling artist_01

Gorgeous afternoon light... and the first phase - the pen - done and dusted!

sunflower illustration for ukraine the happy struggling artist_02

sunflower illustration for ukraine the happy struggling artist_03

Bright and happy watercolour wash just about done.

sunflower illustration for ukraine the happy struggling artist_04

sunflower illustration for ukraine the happy struggling artist_05

downloadable wall art sunflower illustration by the happy struggling artist

See the Downloadable Wall Art Range in my online shop.

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