Prioritise your heart over your fear

Prioritise your heart over your fear

When I first decided that I wanted to have one of our Positive Affirmation Note boxes of my own, I didn't actually know where to start with writing affirmations for myself. In fact, at the time, I was having a hard time speaking to myself in a respectful, kind, uplifting way...! I think this is something most people - especially women - occasionally have a tough time with.

I knew that if I would wait for inspiration to strike, I would just keep putting it off... So I asked a few of my loved ones to write affirmations for me. They are a goldmine of inspiration and love! They function like little hugs in writing! And most importantly, they created a kind of segue into creating my own affirmations (of which I have stacks now, often shared here with you in the hopes that they will bring a little light and joy!).

This one is compliments of my wonderful hubby, Alex. For all my fellow dreamers (and worriers!): trust your gut and take the plunge!



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