Save 10%, 10% to save Ukraine

Save 10%, 10% to save Ukraine

Last year, while planning for the inevitable arrival of Black Friday, I decided to introduce a new sale-with-a-difference-tradition, nurturing a culture of giving back in my business. 

Since my business turns five in April, my wonderful clients can expect 10% off in my online shop, as well as at the Kirstenbosch Craft & Food Market on 27 March and 24 April! Furthermore, I vow to donate 10% of every sale made in April to a worthy non-profit.

Under normal circumstances - in keeping with my passion for animals - this non-profit would be one that works to protect our local wildlife. However, after a lot of research and countless nights of "sleeping on it", I decided to trust my gut and adapt to these "abnormal" circumstances: I want to support the people of Ukraine. After all, they are my people too. And this is everybody's war, whether we'd like to admit it or not.

This April, 10% of all my sales will be donated to the phenomenal Gift of the Givers Foundation, with funds directed towards relief efforts in the Ukraine. Founded in South Africa in 1992, the Gift of the Givers Foundation is now the largest disaster response, non-governmental organisation of African origin on the African continent.

It gives me great pride to do what I can to support this homegrown initiative that does so much for vast variety of worthy causes all around the world. Even if you won't be shopping with me this month, I encourage you to make your own donation here. If you'd like to specifically support Ukraine, simply use "Ukraine" as reference when donating.

Your 10% discount will automatically be applied in my online shop from 1 April, and I'll be sure to share how much we raised together soon after the sale ends on 30 April.

Thank you in advance for helping me give back, and happy shopping!

yellow and blue field ukraine by Kostiantyn Stupak from Pexels

Photo by Kostiantyn Stupak from Pexels

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