South Africa's favourite garden birds

South Africa's favourite garden birds

Last month, I asked my followers to vote for top three favourite SA garden birds, which I will then illustrate as part of my downloadable wall art collection. I also randomly selected a winner from the voters, who wins a set of downloadable illustrations from either the soon-to-be-birds, or my SA flowers. To the lucky winner - congratulations! Thank you to everyone who voted - it was great fun! Make sure to sign up for my exclusive mailing list, so you'll always be the first to know about sales, competitions, giveaways and all my latest news.

I'm pleased to announce SA's top three favourite garden birds (at least according to my humble little survey):

south africa's three favourite garden birds

Survey photos graciously shared with permission by two of my favourite photographers: Dionne Miles and Brian Culver.

In first place, we have a tie between the Southern Double-collared Sunbird and the Crested Barbet. Coming in in third place, is the Cape Robin-Chat ("A humbling experience..." Says Mr Robin, who had a convincing lead for most of the month!).

SA's favourite garden bird results the happy struggling artist

Funnily enough, these three beauties are my personal favourites (I swear the vote wasn't rigged!), so I really look forward to getting to work on the illustrations. I'm planning on jumping in within the next couple of weeks - make sure to follow me on Instagram or Facebook to see the work in progress!

The original SA flowers are still available for purchase, either individually or at a yummy discounted rate for all three (because who'd want to break up a happy family?). Learn more about digitally downloadable art, and see the work-in-progress of my watercolour and pen SA flowers here.

original watercolour and pen SA flowers the happy struggling artist

 Hand-crafted pallet wood frames by my amazing hubby, The Modest Toolbox.


See my downloadable wall art here:

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