Sunflower raffle for Ukraine a SUCCESS!

Sunflower raffle for Ukraine a SUCCESS!

Exactly a week ago, it happened......... I literally burst into tears! When I tried to relay the news to hubby, Alex, he thought someone had died...! But no, they were the happiest of tears:


After a very rocky start and then a nasty trolling incident that made me lose all faith in mankind, the Sunflower Raffle in support of relief efforts in Ukraine has been a fabulous success (and certainly restored my faith in mankind!)!

In fact, together we have surpassed my 100-ticket-goal (and all my expectations!) - the final tally is 119 tickets, raising R5950. I have also received a very generous donation from friends (retired travellers that wanted to support the cause, but do not have walls to hang the prize on - you know who you are... THANK YOU!), which brings our total to R7750!!!

I'm elated and humbled...

The donation has already been transferred to The Gift of the Givers Foundation, who continue to do incredible hands-on work to support civilians who have been affected by the war.

Congratulations to Veronica M, who won the one-of-a-kind, original pen and watercolour sunflower illustration, beautifully finished with a hand-made frame, crafted using recycled pallet wood! I honestly wish I could send an original sunflower to everyone that supported the raffle. I hope that the downloadable version is a nice little consolation prize... Please know that it comes with Alex and my heartfelt gratitude!

In the words of Aesop the Greek Fabulist (a real word that I had to look up: a person that relates or composed fables), "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted".

Thank you for your kindness!

 sunflower for ukraine painted by the happy struggling artist

You can still purchase a downloadable sunflower in my online shop!

All the profits made from this flower in the foreseeable future will be donated to the Gift of the Givers Foundation, in aid of their relief efforts in the Ukraine.

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Dear Liezle,
What an absolutely lovely comment, thank you! The sunflower raffle was and will surely remain one of the most humbling and emotionally turbulent experiences of my career. Apart from restoring my faith in mankind (after Mr X, the internet troll, did some major damage!), it reminded me that we are never alone. When we reach out for help, there will always be someone who is willing to help. That’s a really valuable lesson in entrepreneurship, and in life! All the very best for your own journey!


You are an incredible inspiration. As an entrepreneur myself with a deep desire to give back, I have found this blog post exceptionally moving. Thank you for sharing your art with the world and being an inspirational small business owner!

Liezle Potgieter

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