The two thousand dollar morning routine

The two thousand dollar morning routine

Ever hear of the "Million Dollar Morning Routine"? Basically, it involves waking up long-before-dawn-even-begins-to-crack, followed by a very structured first few hours of the day. If one would Google this routine, you'd find that there are quite a few variations, with the most common activities including: exercising, meditating, reading, eating a healthy breakfast, taking a cold shower and goal setting.

When I first read about this fabled morning routine on social media, it all sounded delightfully ambitious and alluringly productive! I was super eager to give it a go, in an attempt to rise out of a rather unfortunate slump which has lasted about a year and two months (that's a rather specific timeline, don't you think? I wonder why...). Imagine what I could do with all that extra time and energy! Not to mention how fabulous it would be to be able to fit into my pre-lockdown skinny jeans again!

But 5am? Seriously?! Nothing good can possibly happen at that ungodly hour. Surely 6am will suffice? I'll just call it my "Half-a-million Dollar Morning Routine".

About a week in, I was able to rise like a majestic lioness... that stretched, accidentally rolled off its sleeping rock and fell face-first into a nice, big thorn bush. At 7am. Sooo, down to a quarter-of-a-million-dollars...?

Now, about a month in, I'm still very much lion-esque, but that's pretty normal for me, be it waking up at 6am, 11am or after a rare 20 minute afternoon nap. I just don't do waking up very well. It also takes about 30 minutes and two cups of strong tea (if only I drank coffee!) before I can really function. Fifty thousand?

And now the Southern Hemisphere is heading into our cold, dark winter! Is it possible to be the sole implementer of daylight savings? Two thousand...

I think I can live with that. But I'll have to sleep on it...

Perhaps I'll start the Two-Thousand-Dollar-Morning-Routine-Movement!

Who's with me?


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