Help me choose my next wildlife painting... and WIN!

Help me choose my next wildlife painting... and WIN!

After recently finishing my little Pygmy Falcon, I'm really anxious to keep the momentum going by moving swiftly along to another super-realistic wildlife piece. But I jusssst cannnnn't seeeeeem to deciiiiiiiide...

I captured all three these images during our family vacation to the Kruger in May. I think each one has a bit of magic to it, with the potential of becoming a really beautiful watercolour painting. Here's what I love about each option:

The African Wildcat

Being such a rare and elusive feline, the appeal here is obvious... I actually have another photo where it is looking right at the camera, but I preferred this one where the cat is looking back over its shoulder. It just brings across a better sense of anticipation - the feeling that the cat is about to move! As is usual with my style, most of the background will be white, with the grasses on the right portrayed lightly and fluidly to balance out the form of the cat, and some earth beneath its feet to ground it.

The White-fronted Bee-Eater

Goodness, these are pretty little birds! Their colours are so vivid that they almost seem unreal - like over-saturated little paintings flitting about! I love the feathery details on its wing, and I adooooore a good, characterful branch or log! I'm also a big fan of the subject begin off-centre like this: With the bird looking to the right, towards the empty space, it makes one believe that the bird can take off into that space at any moment! Once again, bird and branch will be set against a crisp white background.

The Tree Squirrel

These cuties were everywhere in the Kruger, and they managed to steal the show! Always an advocate for the underrated 'little guy', I've really lost my heart on them! This reference photo presents a new challenge for me: Painting a full background! I'm not quite sure yet if the tree bark will stretch to all four corners of the paper, but I do think that it will be pretty effective: The unique, tall, narrow dimensions will call to mind the shape of a tree trunk.

What can you win?

In exchange for your invaluable input, you stand the chance to win three of my proudly South African, Downloadable Wall Art illustrations! The lucky winner will be notified via email, and the results will be posted on my social media accounts by 29 September 2022.

downloadable wall art range by the happy struggling artist

How to vote for your favourite

Simply follow the link below and select your fave! Make sure to enter your details when voting, so that I know who you are. The winner will be randomly selected and notified via email. You are most welcome to share this blog post or the link to the vote. The more the merrier!


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