Introducing: Proudly South African greeting cards

Introducing: Proudly South African greeting cards

I'm so proud to share my brand new Greeting Cards!

This is an extension of my Downloadable Wall Art range, featuring watercolour and pen illustrations of fauna and flora indigenous to South Africa. These gorgeous illos are also featured on our stunning Positive Affirmation Note Box cards.

As I create more illustrations, the available designs for all these incredible hand-crafted gifts will expand too.

See the work-in-progress of the illustrations here:

- South African flowers

- South African garden birds

- South African insects

These A6, blank cards are available as single cards, packs of three and a pack of six. Every card includes a plain, brown envelope.

Not only are these gift cards practical, they are certainly pretty enough to frame!

Take a look:

watercolour and pen protea greeting card

south african garden birds greeting cards

south african flowers gift cards

cape robin chat greeting card

southern double collared sunbird greeting card

south african greeting cards with birds and flowers

Order your beautiful SA greeting cards online!


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