My best worst selfies of 2021

My best worst selfies of 2021

We all have to admit to our shortcomings... One of mine is the ability (or inability!) to take a good selfie. I've stuffed it up every which way that it can be stuffed: Good-'ol-blurry, finger-blocking-the-lens, only-half-a-head, cat-bomb, double-chin, dropped-the-phone, and of course, gave-up-and-took-a-photo-of-my-feet-instead...

Always game for a good laugh (even at my own expense!), I am continuing the tradition of sharing my best worst selfies of the past year. Hopefully, it will make some of you feel better about your own bad selfies, or in the very least give you a giggle!


 best worst selfies of 2021

While painting "Jump!", I just couldn't seem to get my whole head in the shot...

best worst selfies 2021

But the half-headed pics were a big improvement from this one, which was my first attempt...

Always game for a good laugh (even at my own expense!), I am continuing the tradition of sharing my best worst selfies of the past year.

Trying to take a sweet photo of Kitty sleeping on my chest. All my failed attempts wake her, and then it turns into a game!

best worst selfies of the year

The challenges of painting during load shedding on an overcast day... At least I got my head in on both shots!!

best worst selfies of the year

I even take bad selfies when on vacation...

best worst selfies of the year the happy struggling artist

Trying to get a good photo of me and "Vibrant", my original watercolour piece of a Black-collared Barbet.

best worst selfies 2021

I'd like to refer back to the previous photo: There's that same stupid face again! What is that?! It's like I photoshopped that same face onto a different photo! Working on "Mother's Pride".

best worst selfies 2021

Packing one of our hand-made Wooden Animal Masks to send off to the fabulous Reflections of Africa Art Gallery in Whiteriver, and can't seem to hold onto my phone...!

selfie fails

Please tell me I'm not the only person that this happens to... I open my camera and don't realise soon enough that the view is flipped, and then I take hugely unflattering pics like this!

selfie fails 2021

André, this lens just isn't big enough for the both of us...

cat bomb photo bomb

I want to end off by proving that sometimes, it's just not my fault! Here, Alex and I are trying to take beautiful photos of our lovely Positive Affirmation Note Box, and Kitty is absolutely convinced that having her cat-bomb every shot will make for much better sales!

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