Next on the easel: Jovial leopards

Next on the easel: Jovial leopards

Apart from finishing up Rebecca's very special portrait, I'm also jumping into my next wildlife piece. I'm still soldiering ahead under the exciting theme of "Move!" - a dynamic collection that will feature in my 2025 wildlife calendar.

I've been in the mood for a big cat for a while now, perhaps because I've been so focussed on the gorrrgeous little guys for quite some time. This incredible photo was captured by the extremely talented and oh-so-gracious Marietjie Froneman (and shared with permission, as always!).

Am I intimidated by all those spots? Absolutely. Am I kicking myself for selecting another reference photo with multiple subjects in it? Oh yes. Am I excited to get started? Hells yeah!

Wish me luck!

PS. If this reference photo already speaks to you and you're thinking that the bespoke original will look oh-so-snazzy in your home, please reach out! My one-of-a-kind wildlife originals often sell right off my easel, even before they are completed. No pressure at all and no hard feelings if you're not 100% happy with the final piece and decide to pass! But, at least I can reserve it for you to have first dibs upon completion...

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