"Vibrant" time lapse: A barbet in super speed!

"Vibrant" time lapse: A barbet in super speed!

Introducing "Vibrant": A title that encapsulates the striking colours of the artwork. If you're a birder, you'll know that apart from their gorgeous plumage, these Black-collared Barbets (and many of their peers) have a really resonant, recognisable call, too. So, the title is even more fitting!

I've finally managed to put together this awesome time lapse video, showing the work-in-progress from start to finish. Everything always looks so cool (and seemingly easy...) at super speed! This piece took me about two weeks (on and off) to complete. But here it is for your viewing pleasure, in just over two minutes:


Both the one-of-a-kind, original watercolour piece, along with only 20 limited edition, archival quality prints are now available in my online store!

If you enjoy seeing the creation of my work in super speed, make sure to check out the time lapse progress of "Mother's Pride", my watercolour lion family, here.

The reference photo for "Vibrant" was expertly captured and shared with permission by Brian Culver.

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